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I think it's time I took some initiative and kick-started this thing myself. XD

So, executive decision time. Character limit is increased to three. I'm going to readvertise at the main communities and try to pick up some people. Aaaaaand, I'm alerting you guys now that I'm picking up Hoenheim. It might result in some talking to myself, but after some discussion, there was no way around SOMEONE talking to themselves.

Basically, this game has been too cool to me for me to let it die. And you guys have been more than awesome and patient. We've never run a game before, for good reason- it's HARD! D:

If you want more characters, just drop me a profile. I don't really need an extended writing sample, since I know how you guys work- just something to give me an idea of how you see the character. You guys have first pick, obviously, so I'll wait a day or two before I post advertisements. No limits on who you can take, as long as they're alive after episode 25, just like before. Our Royplayer has dibs on Ling from the manga, but anyone else is free game. Including the panda, and the guy you fight all the time in the Playstation game.

Also, another note- if RPing over AIM is too annoying, an option I've seen in other games is locked threads. Basically, just post your first action to the community, with a note on who you want to drop by, if anyone specific. The roleplaying itself takes place over comments.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.
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