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Sorry about the absence- after we got back from vacation, our esteemed mod came down with bronchitis, and we both ended up in the emergency room (for different reasons), and her fever just broke yesterday or so.

Anyway, I'm here to ask for input. The discussions we got done about the RP usually ended up centering around "we need more people" and "we need someone to play Hoenheim" (my personal input), and "if we're following the manga, does that mean I can play Barry the Chopper"?

Basically, what do you guys think? About needing more people, which we always do... we already advertised at all the major FMA communities when the community kicked off, and I'd hate to spam them, but there's so much of a cast we need to fill. Obviously, allowing more characters for everyone would help fill that gap, but I don't think it can entirely. (Unless we each had eight characters or so, which I don't think anyone can handle without RPing with themself, which is always not fun.) If anyone has any ideas for the plot issues, as in following the anime or manga- do we want to include Dante, or just leave it to Hoho? Do we want to create an entirely non-dependent storyline?

So, any ideas you have, let me have it. We're all in this together.
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