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Obligatory Important First Post!

Welcome to the community! I am your friendly neighborhood mod/GM/dark master. Read the community info so I don't have to repeat myself. I may make this post more eloquent later, considering it's 2:30 in the morning right now. I just wanted to get something up here in case someone stumbles upon this overnight.

Please, please read the FAQ I am about to labor over. My sanity will appreciate it.

Q: Hey, you're playing two characters! How many characters can I play?

One, for now. The only reason I'm playing two characters is because I'm in charge of this little expedition and I'm using a tactic from my old D&D days and taking control of very important characters who will greatly influence the flow of the plot. The third big influence (small, though he may be) is played by my sister and honorary co-mod.

Q: So, what about pairings?

I know what sort of bizarre crack pairings can pop up in RP. Go for it. Indulge your desire for Archer x Winry. Have fun (and if things get smutty, give us a warning in the LJ cut for the log). Just don't force anyone to hook their character up with someone they don't want them to be with. For the record, I'm playing Roy as Super Captain Heterosexuality Man. Our Ed is his humble sidekick, Incest Boy. Envy is...Envy.

Q: Can I play Hughes?


Q: Any other rules besides the "No Hughes" rule that I should be aware of?

No god-moding, no harassing other players, no sassing me. (Well, not so much the last one...)

Q: What the HELL is up with the community icon?

Boozehound Mecha-Archer is our mascot. Because he thinks of you naked.

The preceding FAQ is likely to be added to later, once I get a better handle on what I need to say. This is...erm...sort of my first time running a game...^^;
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