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First RP Post?

So. swivelchair and I got to talking, and thinking, and such, and we both realized that we had no idea how the logs were actually going to be posted. So... here's the results of our first RP session. Moderators, please tell us what (if anything) we've done incorrectly, so that we can correct ourselves before the storyline actually starts. :)

ArmorAlchemist: Central. The military
barracks. More specifically, the room of
one Kain Fury. A knock rang out on his
door, sounding more like metal pounding
against wood than human skin or bone.

ArmorAlchemist: After a moment, Alphonse
called out, "Mr. Fury? May I come in?"

TheSilverDoctor: The owner of
that room, who had been
spending the better part
of an hour trying to
ignore a headache and get
to sleep, started at the
sudden knock. Fury blinked
blearily towards the door
and forced himself to sit
up, despite the

TheSilverDoctor: drumroll of pain
between his temples
brought on by the

TheSilverDoctor: "O-oh! Yes! Come
in, Alphonse!" He managed
to yell in reply when he
recognized the voice.

ArmorAlchemist: The suit of armor gingerly
opened the door, as though afraid of using
too much force. In his other hand was a
rather large paper bag. "Sorry for intruding,
Mr. Fury. I heard that you were sick, so...)

ArmorAlchemist: "I thought that you could
use some company. Or at least some lunch."
He rubbed the back of his helmet

TheSilverDoctor: Fury fumbled on
his nightstand for his
glasses for a moment and
put them on when he nearly
knocked them to the floor.
As soon as the grey form
at the doorway was
recognizable as armor
instead of a blob, he
smiled lightly.

TheSilverDoctor: "You..didn't
have to do that Alphonse,"
he murmured, rather
surprised to see the other

ArmorAlchemist: "W-well..." Alphonse
pondered for a moment, then tried,
"Brother's been busy lately, and from what I
heard, you were really sick. 104 degrees,
right? So... maybe I could stay until the
doctor comes along?"

TheSilverDoctor: Giving a tiny
nod at the reference to
his temperature, Fury
blinked slightly behind
his glasses but smiled
again. "That...that would
be nice." He admitted.

TheSilverDoctor: "Y-you
don't..have to bother
yourself with...all of
this, though.."

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse walked forward,
and offered the bag. "I know. But... Like I
said, if I can't care for someone like you,
then... what kind of person am I?"

TheSilverDoctor: "No worse..than
m-most people," Fury
replied gently, shifting
forward slightly to accept
the bag with only a small
throb and a 'thank you'.

ArmorAlchemist: If he could, Alphonse
would have smiled at that response. As it
was... "It's soup. I thought that it might be
best to have something light. I don't know if
it' still warm, though..." He offered a small

TheSilverDoctor: "Soup..sounds
good." Fury replied with a
smile before easing the
container of said soup
from it's bag slowly. "And
it doesn't f-feel..cold."
He assured the other.

ArmorAlchemist: "Mr. Fury..." Alphonse
gently shook his head. "You're in no
condition to be sitting up, let alone trying to
eat. Here," he motioned for the container,
"Lay down and let me."

TheSilverDoctor: Dark eyes
blinked slightly at the
instruction and he blushed
a little under what was
already a fevered flush.
Nevertheless, he nodded
slightly and passed
Alphonse the container.

TheSilverDoctor: "If y-you're
sure.." He murmured,
laying back down and
closing his eyes for
several moments against a
thrum of a headache.

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse knelt down by
the bed, almost thankful that he couldn't get
cramped in that position. "I am. I used to do
this for Brother all the time." He gently
unscrewed the top, and rested the lip against
Fury's. (Continued)

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse gave a small
laugh. "Besides, I don't think you'd want to
spill half of it over your bed, either."

TheSilverDoctor: Fury looked
mildly embarrassed with
the situation but parted
his lips and took a
thankful drink of the
soup, making a softly
amused sound once he'd
swallowed. "That's true,"
he agreed.

ArmorAlchemist: "I'm... sorry for doing this,
Mr. Fury." Alphonse removed the container
so that the other man could breath. "I know
it should be the doctor doing this and not
me, but..." (Cont'd)

ArmorAlchemist: He wished he could frown,
or otherwise display his unease.

TheSilverDoctor: The Master
Sergeant smiled again and
reached over, patting a
large, metal arm lightly.
"No apologize,
Alphonse." He assured him.

TheSilverDoctor: "It's nice
to...have company."

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse considered this
for a moment, then offered the soup again.
"I've never really seen you with anyone on
base. Do you... have any friends, Mr.

TheSilverDoctor: Fury looked
slightly surprised with
the question, but didn't
reply until after he had
another drink of soup
down. "Co-workers aside...
I guess not," he admitted.

ArmorAlchemist: He considered this, as well.
"I know it's kind of a weird question, but...
Well, I've always had Brother to look out
for me... and I guess..." (Cont'd)

ArmorAlchemist: "...I'm a bit worried when
someone I know doesn't have anyone
looking out for them."

TheSilverDoctor: "That's
understandable," Fury
noted. "Though, I've never
had any serious trouble
keeping an eye on myself."

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse blushed, though
he never quite knew how he managed to do
so. "I-I didn't mean to imply that you
couldn't, Mr. Fury! I... um..." He ended
lamely, "I didn't mean to assume."

TheSilverDoctor: "Oh oh, I know!"
the elder man assured him
quickly, offering a small
smile. "The concern
is..rather nice, though.."

ArmorAlchemist: The suit of armor blushed
again, and he offered the soup, noticing that
it was getting drained quite quickly. "Thank
you. For not minding, I mean."

TheSilverDoctor: Fury accepted
the soup with a slight
murmur of thanks, shifting
his glasses on his nose
slightly afterwards. "I
don't mind at all,

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse found himself
remarkably intrigued by Fury's glasses,
though he couldn't place his finger on why.
Instead, he hesitantly asked, "...why not?"

TheSilverDoctor: "Why?" Fury
repeated, nudging the
corner of his frames with
a thumb in a thoughtful
sort of manner. "I
guess..I don't really have
any reason to."

ArmorAlchemist: "O-oh, I see." Al kept his
gaze levelled at Fury's face. "I'm just a bit
surprised by it. I mean... most people never
let me get this close." He offered another
sheepish smile.

TheSilverDoctor: The smile was
returned lightly and Fury
managed a little shrug.
"In my case.. most people
don't care to, anyway," he
stated casually.

ArmorAlchemist: "Mm. That's... kind of sad,
really." Alphonse offered the soup, noting
that it was mostly empty now and with it his
main excuse for staying.

TheSilverDoctor: "It's alright.
I've never.. been very
good at socializing
with... other people,"
Fury said, fnishing off
the soup and feeling
mildly pleased to have
cleared off his first full
meal -- small or not -- in
several days.

ArmorAlchemist: Alphonse chuckled. "A lot
of people I know are like that." He gently
resealed the container, and stood up again.
"I... guess that's everything, then. Um..."

TheSilverDoctor: "Ahn...well.. I
guess you have.. things to
get to, ne..?" Fury
assumed after another
murmur of thanks when the
now empty container was
pulled away.

ArmorAlchemist: "Well..." Alphonse
considered for a moment, then confessed,
"I... don't actually have anything to do.
Brother's still busy researching, and he won't
be taking a break for hours. (Cont'd)

ArmorAlchemist: "...And other than that..."
He gave a helpless shrug, wincing at the
sound of metal grinding against metal.

TheSilverDoctor: Fury winced a
little at the sound
himself but didn't seem
too bothered by it,
absently pushing his
glasses up again.
"If..well, if you don't
have anything...else to
do, you're..welcome to
stay." he offered.

TheSilverDoctor: "There's not
much anything...of
interest in here
but...well, it's up to
you, of course."

ArmorAlchemist: "Thank you!" After a
moment, he amended, "I mean... If you
don't mind, I'd like to stay." He found
himself staring at those glasses again, but
didn't know how to phrase the question.

TheSilverDoctor: "Not at all.
It's nicer than...sleeping
all day," Fury replied
with smile before blinking
slightly and pulling his
glasses off to squint at
them. "Is there..
something on these..?"

ArmorAlchemist: "N-no, I don't think so.
Um..." Alphonse considered how best to
phrase it, but gave up and went for the
direct approach. "...what is it like? When
you don't have glasses on, I mean?"

TheSilverDoctor: Blinking again
as he slid his glasses
back on, Fury chuckled
faintly at the question.
"Blurry. My
vision's..horrible on it's
own. I can't see..two feet
in front of my
nose...without these
things," he explained.

ArmorAlchemist: "But you can still see colors
and shapes without them, right?" Alphonse
found himself incredibly intrigued. "And can
you really not see beyond two feet, or is it
just a matter of detail, or...?"

TheSilverDoctor: "Aah..yes, I can
still see shapes and
color. It's a
matter of detail and
clarity." Fury said,
smiling a little at how
interested the other
seemed in his glasses.

ArmorAlchemist: "Oh... I see..." Alphonse
considered this for a moment. "So... when
you saw me come in, you saw...?"

TheSilverDoctor: "Well, I saw you
only you were very blurry.
I'm..nearsighted so I
can't see anything far
away very well without my
glasses," Fury replied,
nudging the frames to

ArmorAlchemist: "That... kind of makes
sense, actually." Alphonse gave a sad laugh.
"Sorry for prying, Mr. Fury."

TheSilverDoctor: Fury waved a
hand slightly again. "It's
alright, Alphonse.
Nobody's ever been that
interested in these

ArmorAlchemist: "Well..." Alphonse found
himself suddenly much more shy about the
topic. "No one else... is in the same situation
I'm in."

TheSilverDoctor: "That's true,"
Fury agreed softly.
"You've been
admirably well. Yoursel
and Edward, both.."

ArmorAlchemist: "Him more than me."
Alphonse chuckled softly. "But I was
referring more to my eyes." He lightly
tapped the side of his helmet. "I don't have
them, so..." (Cont'd)

ArmorAlchemist: "...I was wondering how
glasses worked. I didn't know that they
could be so important." He gazed at the
glasses with a newfound respect.

TheSilverDoctor: "Ah.." Fury
murmured before offering a
faint smile. "Well.. for
your eyes to work
properly, light rays have
to focus at a certain
point at the back of your

TheSilverDoctor: "The lenses to
your glasses bend light
rays to hit that point if
they don't already."

ArmorAlchemist: "I see." Alphonse
considered this. "It sounds like such a
simple, small thing... but it's really not."

TheSilverDoctor: Fury nodded
slightly. "Few things..are
as simple as they seem."

ArmorAlchemist: "That's... very true..."
Alphonse stood up. "Thank you for talking
with me, Mr. Fury. I... think I'd better go
before Brother starts to worry. The doctor
will be by soon, right?"

TheSilverDoctor: "That's
right...ah, thank you
again for..stopping by,
Alphonse." Fury murmured,
smiling in a tired

ArmorAlchemist: Instinctively, Alphonse
reached over to tuck Fury in, but stopped
himself with a sheepish laugh. "I'll... um... let
myself out, then." He stood up, and added...

ArmorAlchemist: "If there's anything else I
can do, just let me know."

TheSilverDoctor: Fury nodded,
sliding his glasses off
and folding them up before
turning enough to lob them
back onto his nightstand.
He could probably get some
real sleep if he tried
now. "I will. I promise."

ArmorAlchemist: And with that, Alphonse let
himself out, closing the door softly and
feeling much better, for some reason.
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