Etherflower: A Fullmetal Alchemist RPG

Don't ask about the title. It just sounds cool.

Yet Another FMA RPG!
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Huzzah! Another Fullmetal Alchemist RPG! I'm your friendly mod/GM/whatever, Kate. We're just getting started, so pardon the dust. I intend to have an actual plot, but until we have more than three or four characters, we will no doubt engage in stupid filler antics.

The Actual Plot
Once we actually get going, the storyline will pick up after episode 25 of the anime (and I currently forget which chapter of the manga...), as that seems to be the point where the two stories really diverge from each other. What happens after that is anyone's guess, but I DO plan to work out plot issues and such so we don't get completely bogged down.

The Format
This is your fairly typical AIM-supported LJ RPG. Each character will have their own personal journal to post their thoughts and reactions to game events (and NOT to post memes and quiz results). Most of the actual RPing will be done over AIM. Logs should be posted to this community once you finish them.

The Application

Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Character You're Applying for:
Writing Sample: Write a sample journal entry or a short narrative from your character's POV (it can be first or third person, whichever you feel more comfortable with). Make sure to write enough to show you have a good handle on the character.

Once you're done, e-mail it to me at dakkichan@hotmail.com. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at that address or IM me at the screen name I will give shortly. However, make sure you check the FAQ post in the community first.

Roy Mustang colonelsexy
Played by: Your friendly mod! nokoru
SN: Senri Nakao

Envy manskort
Played by: nokoru ,as well.

Edward Elric rewritable_sin
Played by: sanoken
SN: SanoxKenshin

Alphonse Elric armor_alchemist
Played by: jade_pen
SN: ArmorAlchemist

Kain Fury wire_geek
Played by: swivelchair
SN: TheSilverDoctor

Wrath wrath_in_lieu
Played by: alchemic_array
SN: Alchemic Array

Lust cold_lust
Played by: tru_chan_speaks
SN: Trucolorsanm

Riza Hawkeye gunpowder_tea
Played by: hel_interrupted
SN: Gunbunny Riza

Scar scarred_avenger
Played by: jadeemperor
SN: RyuukaSasuke

Jean Havoc smoking_gunner
SN: lanceluver012